Getting Dirty…In the Garden

No blog posts recently? Did those crazy city kids already give up on their venture into sustainability?

Not quite (yet).

We’ve been doing a number of awesome things!!

We watched Hungry for Change this week, which is offering a *FREE* viewing on-line through the 31st. If you don’t have Netflix, don’t want to wait in the cue at the library & don’t have money to fork out at the moment, check it out NOW before the 31st. I wouldn’t list it in my top 10 favorite documentaries of all time, but as always, thought provoking & motivational to keep at what we’re doing.

Additionally, to the tune of $40 for the season, we claimed our own little patch of green in Mukilteo.

An 4×8 little patch to be specific

Yep! We are officially card-carrying (or rather seed-planting) members of the Mukilteo Community Garden. This is our first REAL venture into any sort of gardening experience. Last year was a definite eye opener that anything CAN & WILL go wrong in the garden. I made every rookie mistake last year & I’m hopeful for a successful season this time around. No blight-ridden cherry tomatoes or zukes with blossom end rot from hell. Those days are behind me. Dear slugs, you will not attack my strawberries this year & planting my radishes too closely, stunting their growth is a thing of the past…. Despite the fact, I already killed my hyacinth from the Everett Home & Garden Show. (Check out the adventure HERE)

Besides being excited out of my mind, I’m also slightly terrified. Beyond Princess Cthulhu already stomping through someone else’s plot today & spending an eternity in Home Depot trying to find organic compost & organic fertilizer per the rules of the garden… It’s just all around scary being the new kid on the block, especially when surrounded by people who have been gardening for years now (Five at the very least, since that’s how long the garden has been operating). What if I don’t grow anything? What if people judge me based on what kind of (organic, home-made, soap-based) pesticide I use? What if I don’t roll up the hose right? Whoever is growing in our neighboring beds will be surprised when they come in next & find we yanked out the strawberry plants from the bed (& replanting a lone onion who wasn’t ready for harvesting just yet). Was that rude of us to not appreciate the plants leftover from the previous plot owner?

What if I really am just a “black thumb” deep into my soul & I kill everything we try to grow?

At least it’ll make for one hell of a read for all you fine folks, right?

Now… Enjoy some photos from Plot #21 & around the Mukilteo Community Garden!


Ignore the overgrowth. Check out these ADORABLE signs.

Everyone deserves access to good food.

“Our Garden”… I like the sound of that!

Goodnight, onions. Goodnight, kale. Goodnight readers, everywhere.



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  1. Things can’t be as bad as last year; the sun never came out until the end of July, and if this spring is any indication at least we’ll have some kind of a growing season this year.

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