Making shelves on the cheap.

We moved into a new apartment last month. We outgrew our last place and desperately needed a washer and dryer for the amount of cloth diapers we were doing.

One thing I always wanted was wall hanging shelves. Danny could never agree with me on what she would like them to be like. One day she suggested that we get shadow box shelves for our DVDs.

Me being the tinkerer I am, I thought. “I could MAKE shelves!”

So I set out to figure out the best way to make sturdy enough shelves for the wall. I had the best idea ever!


So I got to working and gathered a bunch of them. Folded the flaps to create strength and copious amount of glue. I also put a wood brace on the top part so that I can screw it into the wall and not have it break through.


Now I have a bunch of boxes with braces to hang with.

I then painted the outside and papered the inside Green and Brown to put on the walls. And here is the final result!


I only had to purchase two items for this project. A large piece of flat wood to create the backing and some construction paper. I already had the glue, paint, and boxes. I did have to put some wood kabob skewers to provide some strength on the bottom of the boxes to prevent bowing. So far, it is holding pretty well.

Here is to more home projects!


About Brian

Husband, father of two, android programmer. Hoping to one day use my skills to achieve a life of self-sustainability for me and my family.

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