Summer Tiiiime… & the Living is Green

(I’m a closet Sublime fan. Don’t tell my ex who I always swore I hated Sublime too).

It’s been a while. Why for? Well, we MOVED!! Sometimes part of living a healthier, greener life means relocating. We are much happier in our new apartment. We are close to family & friends who support our endeavors & two steps off my back porch is a patch of wild blackberry bushes.

We haven’t been doing anything tremendous towards our ultimate goal of self-sustainability lately, because we have one giant hiccup in our way: $23,000 in student loan debt. We can draw up all the eco-house plans we want & research real estate sites for hours for acreage but until that bad boy goes away… We’re stuck in the city & that means living by apartment complex rules. No farms. No freedom. And ABSOLUTELY no livestock.

There isn’t room for my compost bin but the complex has a recycling station. My patio doesn’t get much in the way of natural light for growing anything, but my aunt’s does!! There’s grassy areas for the Spawns to run around on instead of a concrete parking lot & there’s community areas like BBQ pits & a swimming pool.

So, what exactly will I blog about since it won’t be milking goats, planting heirloom tomatoes & driving my tractor?

Here’s a List of Things I Hope to Dabble (see: Blog) About Summer 2013 Regarding Our Sustainable Lifestyle:

You can expect to hear me gush about our local farmer’s markets. Most of them in the area run between June – September/October. That being said, May is half over, so expect to see regular posts about what I’m picking up at the market & what I’m learning from the people who grow the food. My little brother is coming up for a week from Tennessee too, so a trip to Washington’s ultimate farmer’s market, Pike Place is definitely in order along with probably Uwajimaya.

This summer, along with some friends, we also plan on hitting some local U-Pick farms. I already have plans to hit the Biringer Strawberry Farm in Arlington & Mountain View Blueberry Farm in Snohomish. Because we plan on picking a lot, I also plan on dabbling in canning FOR THE FIRST TIME! I hear I’m going to have a love-hate relationship with the experience.

For my birthday, I splurged on weekend passes for the Mister & I to attend the Mother Earth News Fair in Puyallup. This will probably end up being a multi-post mini-series, because there just truly is *SO* much going on at the fair that I am stoked out of my mind about. Everything from straw bale houses to solar panels… Rennet-less cheese to milking baby goats… Joel Salatin ❤ *swoon* to the guys at Botanical Interest. I’m getting giddy again just thinking about it. I promise you are not going to want to miss all the photographic Earthy eye-candy I’ll be posting.

Of course, we’ll continue to check up on our community garden plot (check out Plot #21 here) & chronicle the (mis)adventures of our second  year trying to grow something.

There’ll be other fun stuff too… Groovy garage sale finds. Brilliant books we’re reading. Sketches of the Future Omlet Hobbit Homestead. Funky farmer foodie documentaries & wild times of us trying to rewild our lives. Oh! & I might even VLOG for you once or twice! Wouldn’t that just be nutty?

I hope you’ll stay tuned because everyone knows, summer is when the memories are just waiting to happen.


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just living the american dream, searching for happiness and success whatever that truly means.

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